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Is Click Flipping Really Better Than Adsense??

By Gary Ruplinger

Have you heard about The Death of Adsense? It’s a report written by Scott Boulch touting that Adsense is not a viable long term solution.

In his report he claims that those using Adsense are the bottom feeders on the revenue totem pole. Since Adsense publishers never build up a list of clients, they’re not building up any value Of course, he has his own alternate solution. He wants everyone to start selling leads to companies. He wants everyone to start buying traffic on Adwords, and to start selling the clicks at a higher price to companies who want leads.

There is a method out there that isn’t nearly as prevalent as it used to be, but still exists. It’s called Adsense Arbitrage. Basically, you buy traffic from Google Adwords and hope the visitors on your web page click on the Google Adsense ads which should generate more revenue than you paid for the click in the first place.

I understand the inherent weakness with Adsense Arbitrage. You’re at the mercy of Google for your method to work. However, I’m not convinced that Scott Boulch really has a superior solution.

Is it just me or is click flipping (as Scott Boulch calls his method) just a slightly more advanced Adsense Arbitrage? With click flipping you’re buying traffic from Adwords, trying to get your visitor to fill out a lead form and submit it. With Adsense Arbitrage, you’re hoping to get your visitor to click.

In both cases you’re still trying to get your visitor to take an action that leads them away from your website. In neither case are you building a list that will give you long term revenue. Since you’re trying to get rid of your visitor to make money, your site is unlikely to be a site that your visitor will keep coming back to. You’re trying to get them to leave your site!

I just don’t see how this guy feels justified in claiming that depending on Adsense for your revenue is stupid, but using his method is a guaranteed way to have dependable income. His method is essentially the same as Adsense Arbitrage.

If you’re looking for long term revenue, you need to really focus on building a community on your website. You should be building a newsletter so you can market to them and truly have revenue on demand. You should have an interactive website that your visitors will bookmark and come back to visit again and again.

To me Scott has done a great job of using scare tactics to get people to download and read his report. He was creative in promoting his offer and built a huge list very quickly. His methods for building a list should be carefully studied. However, the actual content of his report is flawed and his solution is no better than the very thing he denigrates

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