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Strategies To Maximise Your Adsense Income

By Tuks Engineer

There are some simple yet highly effective strategies that you can implement in order to maximize your income with Google Adsense.

Number Of Adverts Displayed

At the time of writing Google allows each website page to display a maximum of three ad displays. If you wish to maximize your Adsense income, you should be using all three ad links on each page displayed.

Look & Feel Of The Ad In Relation To Your Organic Text

One of the biggest challenges in being an Adsense publisher is to skillfully blend in your organic website content with Adsense displays. You can choose different types of advert colours & text fonts to create a feel of uniformity with your content. If the adverts naturally look and feel part of your website then it will yield a higher click through ratio than if the adverts stick out like a sore thumb on your site.

Where The Ads Are Positioned On Your Page & What Types Of Ads They Are

There are many different types of displays from banners to skyscrapers and many variations of the two. In order to maximize click-through ratio you can employ several tactics such as blending in ads into the body of the content and having a sidebar that displays Adsense ads as well as additional links to free content on your site. This way, the user is almost forced to see the ads while investigating what additional topics are on your website.

Use Graphics / Images To Increase The Number Of Click-throughs

Depending on what niche you operate in, careful use of graphics or images located very close to your Adsense displays can sky-rocket your click-throughs. Images are very “eye catching” so when the visitor sees the ads they’ll also see the Adsense displays, giving a far better chance of a click.

Additional Tips

While these tips are not Adsense specific, they will increase your overall income from your internet business:

- On each page that you put online include a link to your opt-in newsletter page. It’s been proven that it takes seven points of contact before a prospect feels comfortable buying from you. Giving your visitors maximum opportunity to sign up to your ezine will allow you to contact them with back-end offers for months or even years into the future. Many website owners lose out on profits simply because they don’t put enough effort into building their newsletters.

- Include multiple revenue streams on your website pages. If you have content about travel (for example) then aside from Adsense adverts offer your visitors related info-products and affiliated products that would be of high interest to them.

These simple strategies can give your Adsense sites a huge advantage by encouraging far more ad click-throughs. Try them and see the results for yourself.

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