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Banned From AdSense

Google AdSense dominate the Internet Marketing Advertising industry by displaying contextual ads to targeted audience on websites large and small.

If you've been an AdSense publisher for a while, you've surely encountered people who complain about being kicked out of the AdSense program for no good reason. While I'm sure there are cases where the publisher was unfairly terminated, I suspect most account terminations are in fact done for valid reasons.

Google AdSense is a great product that has provided many webmasters with a decent income. In fact some have even become millionaires on AdSense income alone. One of the darkest nightmare for webmasters who use Google AdSense to generate 100% of their website income, is to receive a notice that their Google AdSense has been banned or disabled

Generally, the notice starts out like this:

"It has come to our attention that invalid clicks have been generated on the ads on your web pages. We have therefore disabled your Google AdSense account. Please understand that this step was taken in an effort to protect the interest of the AdWords advertisers."

If you account in AdSense has been banned, have you succeeded of getting it back? Or have you ever heard of anyone who gets his or her account back after being banned. And would their money is still there if they've gotten their account back?

It is understandable that Google are very strict when it comes to fraud. People who click on their own online ads aren't stealing from Google, they're stealing from the advertiser who has placed the AdWords Ads with Google. Not only does the account become disabled, but also existing click-through earnings are refunded back to the advertisers.

Now what ? Forget about it. It is highly unlikely that Google will unlock your AdSense account again, unless you have a fantastic reason (this is a rarity).

Don't waste your time. Remember it is the Internet age and everything is automated and Google's answers to any sincere and arguing emails would be useless. Mainly because, they are completely robotized.

So it's your job as an AdSense publisher to report any suspicious matter to them. In other words, it means,

If you notice suspicious clicks, report it.
If you accidentally click your own ads (it happens), report it.
If your site is suddenly featured on Slashdot, Digg, or some other high-traffic site, report it.
If you know something (press release, review, etc.) is going to send a lot of traffic your way, report it.
If you're in doubt about anything, report it.
Also, Google takes the guilty-until-proven-innocent approach in its dealings with publishers unless you show a pattern of co-operative behavior. Not waiting until Google notices something - hmm, those earnings are way above normal, I think I'll just let it slide.... greatly increases your chances of getting your account suspended.

Every once in a while I read this message in a forum forums..just got "banned from AdSense" ..now what ?? It makes me wonder what the person did to get banned. It was probably one of the following items. Here are the top five ways (in no particular order) to get "banned from AdSense".

1. Clicking Your Own Ads (Click Fraud)
No matter how you slice it, though, there are definitely people out there who click their own ads, or encourage others to do so, for their own monetary gain. If accidental clicks do happen and you shouldn't panic if you accidentally click an ad on one of your own sites. Just drop a quick note to Google telling them about it and take steps to prevent it from happening again.

2. Not Following the AdSense Terms and Conditions
Many people never fully read the AdSense terms and conditions, often referred to as the TOS (terms of service). Though the TOS is vague about some things (like defining what a content page is), it is very explicit about various things you can't do.

3. Not Following the AdSense Program Policies
The AdSense program policies are technically part of the AdSense terms and conditions, even though they're listed on a separate page. This is where you'll find the information about how many link or ad units you can use on a page, what kind of sites are acceptable, etc.

4. Opening Multiple AdSense Accounts
This has become much harder to do since Google has added algorithms to detect multiple accounts belonging to the same person or entity. Each person or entity can only have one account. If you have a legitimate need for two or more accounts, you must create a separate legal entity (like a corporation) for each additional account, and that entity must separately apply and be approved for a new account.

5. Ignoring Warnings and Questions From Google
Although certain events cause Google to automatically terminate your account, many terminations are preceded by a warning note from the AdSense team. This is your chance to defend yourself and to change your site/behavior in response. If you're not responsive, they'll just go ahead and ban you. (If you're going away for an extended period of time, you should check your mail every day or two and keep an eye on your AdSense earnings as well. Be sure to report any suspicious activity as soon as you see it.)

Now the question is, if suppose your "AdSense account is banned", are there any other alternatives ?

Obviously you would try to find a smart engine that works similar to Google AdSense but display products from Clickbank with your affiliate ID already embedded in the ads.

As a result, it can easily turn your website into a monster Clickbank affiliate money. Besides, affiliate marketing is booming and there are a couple of companies that puts your website right in front of the hungry crowd.

There is CBProsense, 1st promotions and there are many more.

Most of them works similar to the contextual ad delivery systems ( like the ones used by the major search engines ), but with one major difference, these deliver a highly targeted ClickBank products that closely relate to the content of your page. Ads that your visitors will want to click on. And each time they do, you will have the chance to earn high affiliate commissions - not a few cents, but real dollars.

In short, you can earn up to 75% in commission for each product sold! That is to say with most products paying anywhere from 40% to 75% in commissions, you can earn up to a maximum of $100 per sale!

So put CBprosense and 1st promotion as alternatives in your file for AdSense. As they say you really find out only when the need arises.

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