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Generate Traffic With EntreCard

Generating traffic to your blog can be a difficult task but with the help of EntreCard it is a little less difficult. The way EntreCard works it a little bit tricky at first so let me explain how it works. It is basically a traffic exchange type system where you advertise with your widget on your blog other peoples blog ads.
EntreCard Virtual Currency
Before I go into any detail on how EntreCard works you first need to understand how the virtual currency called EntreCard Credits, or “EC” for shortworks. You earn these EC in a variety of ways that do not cost you any money. With the EC that you earn, you can purchase advertisements on thousands of blogs, or shop for hundreds of products and services in EntreCard’s virtual marketplace.
How To Get Started
You can get started with the system by going to EntreCard.com. When you are signing up you are prompted to create a 125×125px ad or create a text ad for your blog. Note: Keep in mind that you can only apply for this system if you have a blog. So once you have signed up you will be advised to put a widget on your blog (this is a requirement to participate with this program). This is simply done by choosing one of the variations of the widget sizes and putting the html code on your blog (usually on the sidebar).
Earning Entrecard Credits
Now to earn EC you can click on the Campaign button at the top of the page in the EntreCard control panel. Browse through the cards you like and click on the ones that catch your eye. Then to view their blog you click on the link to their blog and view the blog. Once you have spent some time at the blog and commented or whatever you wanted to do you can find the EntreCard box and click the Drop button to drop your card. This card will go into that users inbox and they will know you visited their blog. You can do this process a few times to earn more EC. You can also earn EC when you first signup depending on the number of blog posts you have.
Purchasing Advertisement
Once you have earned enough EC you can click on Campaign at the top and click on the Browser option at the top of the page. Find the blog you want to advertise with and click the Advertise button. What this will do is send that user a request that you want to advertise with your 125×125 ad on their blog. If they approve then for one whole day your ad will show on their blog and when people click on it you will get traffic to your blog.
So this whole EntreCard system can be summarized as:
Sign up for EntreCard & add the widget to your blog
Earn some EC by dropping cards and blog posts
Purchase some ads
When you earn more credits you can purchase ads on more expensive blogs
You get credits from dropping cards, others people dropping cards on your blog, when others buy your ad space, or if you sell products or services in EntreCard’s virtual marketplace
Couple Extra Notes
The ads your purchase run for a full 24 hours and will not be in rotation with any other ads
Every time someone purchases an advertisement on your blog the cost of your ad goes up and for every day that goes by without someone purchasing an ad on your site the price goes down
Expect to see higher prices on ads with higher Alexa Page Rank, Google PageRank, Technorati Authority, etc

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