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Lessons Learned by a New Blogger in Getting Traffic!!!!!

A friend of mine approached me one day and told me that I should start posting my articles in a blog. You see, I write about a lot of things like the places I have visited, the hotels where I stayed, the bars and restaurants I've dined in. My original purpose in doing this was to remind me of the things that I've done. Anyway, what convinced me to post these personal articles on the net is the possible monetary gain.

My friend told me that there is a new trend on the net which can be a source of income just by simply posting my articles in the blog, get people to read it and perhaps, get some company to advertise on it, I will be earning money in no time. I was persuaded by his logic and I found myself posting entries one by one. I thought that's all there is to it. I was dead wrong.

My experience taught me when I started blogging a year ago that in order to be a successful blogger, it is not only enough that you write well. You must be able to drive traffic to your sites, be it blogs, videos, squeeze pages. This is where your friends and other connections can help. They can help you spread the word about your blog just like what happened in my case. Some bloggers even go to the extent of hiring a third party to promote their sites. Posting some nice visuals can also attract more attention. But for me, putting up a good tag line about your articles can surely get you some traffic.

Moreover, I've been reviewing other people's works as well to see if I can pick up some lessons from them. I learned that all of these top-notch bloggers share common characteristics. I learned that the contents of the blog must be more or less unique, full of insights and reliable information so that your readers won't just be there in passing but will refer back to your website from time to time, thus, maintaining the traffic.

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