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Top TEN (10) Best SEO Tips

In the early days of search engine optimization, using meta-tags were the most important aspects to take note when it came to the job of optimizing a page.

The bad side at that time was, it was enough to spam your title, description and keyword meta-tags with lots of keywords and rank on top of search engines. However, with the passage of time, and the devising of new search engines algorithms and ethical rules, more factors started to be taken in consideration in the process of fully optimizing a web site, and the importance of the meta-tags soon began to wane.

The art of Search engine optimization is considered to be a time-consuming process, but it surely has its rewards. At present, there are plenty of consultants and experts who can easily chart strategies, and create the desired results, such as ranking on the first page of a search engine for a particular keyword, however this process requires that Web site owners or Web businesses spend a considerable amount to get this done.

Think Like A Search Engineer Too When Considering Getting An SEO Service

When you feel like your site or online business needs SEO to succeed, you need not follow a guide or rulebook throughout. You first and foremost, need to think like a search engineer too, and consider all the possible factors and aspects to ponder on, as this will help you understand how and why the experts need to do this and that. In getting a better understanding of this process, you'll be properly guided in choosing which expert to hire, and so you could properly ascertain if the expert you hire is doing the right thing.

Top SEO Tips

1. Learn The Habit Of Submitting to search engines

For those who are finding it hard to gain any backlinks, you need to submit your Web site to every search engine you can find, and do not simply rely on the "big three' search engines, and also make sure to submit to lesser-known search engines too.

2. Promote Your Site By Blogging

A good tip for successful SEO, is to promote your Website by asking bloggers to write about your site, in exchange for a link to their blog. A good, positive "review of your Web site will certainly be a positive factor for your Web site's overall ratings and health, especially if the blog is popular.

3. Submit to as many directories as you can

It's important in SEO to submit to as many directories as you can, and while the majority of directories hold usually lo Google PageRanks and rarely ever send traffic, these directories sill can provide free backlinks and help your site attain a good position in search engines. It is however recommended that you casually submit to directories, and to not exceed five submissions a day, as this ensures that Google doesn't place you in their spam folders.

4. Write Good & Informative Content

Posting and writing frequent good-quality content produced by knowledge experts in their field, or people that you can trust to do their homework before jumping headfirst into writing it, is a vital factor in the search engine algorithm level, as well as the PPC campaign design level.

5. Utilize Appropriate Keywords

In your content, use 2 or 3 word keyword phrases that are likely to be searched for by users. In addition, remember not to overdo it, but ensure that all the keywords are in line and included.

The most important aspect in effectively working with a SEO expert, is creativity. This process can sometimes prove to e an expensive exercise both in terms of money and time, especially if you don't have a well-defined idea or route of what to do and what not to do.

Sometimes we go for expensive short-cuts, that mostly end up to be totally counterproductive, and sometimes we work on stuff that are not really needed, or are simply out of touch with reality, so we need to keep ourselves in touch with the trends, and be realistic, in thinking about the possible outcomes that we should expect from an expert or company.

In order to get the most and best quality visitors to your website, your site needs to be performing well in the search engines when people search for the things that you do.

There are certain things that you can do to your website to help its performance in the search engines, here are my 5 MORE top SEO tips:-

6) Use your keywords in your domain name - For the best SEO results you should choose a domain name for your website that includes your keywords. This will help your keywords get noticed by the search engines. For example, if you are a Builder in the town of Springfield your domain name could be .builder-in-springfield.

7) Insert your keywords in the Title Tags, Meta Tags and Alt Tags of your web pages. Again this will help the search engines recognize the keywords within your pages.

8) Incorporate your keywords into the content or body text of your page. This should be done in a natural way and not just by dropping your keywords in willy nilly. Make sure they are relevant to what you are talking about. If you are having difficulty getting this right, get the advice of a copy writer.

9) Get links from other sites to your website. The best back links you can get are from sites that contain relevant information to your field of business so if you can get links from sites that contain your keywords you will be off to a great start.

10) Analyze where your website visitors are coming from. If you install Google Analytics on your site you will be able to access data and statistics on your website visitors. This will arm you with the information you need to make informed decisions about how your site is performing and the direction you should take with your SEO campaign.

If you follow the above tips you will be well on the way to getting your site up in the search engine rankings. Be patient, it can take a while but will be worth it when you see your site appear on the first page!

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