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SEO- The Ethical White Hat Techniques

In the earlier days of search engine optimization, web designers used many unethical ways to get good ranking in search engine results. There was not much importance given to doing Search Engine Optimization using just and honest methods. However, things have changed in the recent past. White Hat SEO emphasizes on using ethical methods like relevant content, user friendly features etc to increase search engine (SE) ranking.

White Hat SEO

In this approach, the SEO service providers work towards furnishing valid information to the user. They strive to provide search results that are relevant to the user, and not concentrate only on promoting the business needs. This is done to ensure that user has not been provided with compromised information. White Hat SEO providers provide following services, and webmasters of repute like Google affirm these.

Good Content: Relevant and user friendly content that is regularly updated is the backbone of a White Hat approach.

1. Keywords: There are certain keywords that are frequently and popularly used in a particular business or industry. These keywords are used by SEs to figure out content that is useful for the user. White Hat SEO service providers improve the site ranking by identifying the popular keywords and incorporating these keywords in a seamless manner in the website.

2. Meta Tags: Meta tags are also used by search engine spiders to decide the ranking of a website in the search results. These include the keywords, title, single line description etc. Using valid content for the Meta Tags increases the search ranking.

3. Apt Content: SEs give very high importance to the content of the website. SEO service providers regularly update the website and add relevant content to it.

Design of the Web Site: A relevant and simple web site design is what is ranked highly by the Search Engines.

1. Optimum use of media like videos, animations etc: Web designers tend to make the website attractive by using multimedia features like videos and animations. These features add to the look and feel of the website, but reduce the ranking, as they are not well traversed by the search engine spiders. Also, using a lot of Dynamic web technologies like Ajax, Flash etc also reduces the ranking. Optimum usage of these multimedia and dynamic technologies is advised by specialists.

2. Simple and straightforward Hierarchy: Each web page should be accessible from at least one other page. SEO service providers ensure this by maintaining a relevant hierarchy of all the web pages that are used by SEs for indexing.

3. Site Maps and Technical Specifications: SEO service providers follow technical best practices like including date of modification in the data header. This further helps in the search engine indexing. Also, Site maps help in navigation of complex sites.

Web Site Links: Search Engines use complex algorithms to rank a website. One way of ensuring good ranking for a website is the number of links that other websites contain to this website, and the number of links that this site contains to other sites. Search Engines use this as an affirmation of the popularity of the website.

White Hat SEO helps clients build credibility and long list of frequent visitors along with much improved visibility.

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