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3 Secrets Every New Blogger Needs To Know Quickly!!!!

Skill #1: Art of Writing

Surgeons are highly paid as long as they can operate on their patients. What if some of the fingers are injured suddenly? It can practically cripple the earnings severely. Likewise, as a blogger, the skills to write well is essential. If your skills to write is poor, it is as good as the surgeon that has 5 fingers instead of 10 fingers.

Learn to master the art of writing as early as possible. Here is a tip for you to uncover yourself...

Assuming you are talking to your kid about his room, which of the two statement below is more influential?

"Your room is untidy. Clean it up now" or "Your room is untidy. When is a good time for you to clean it up?"

Got the answer?

Use questions instead of statement to influence people. Learn to master the art of questioning.

Skill #2:Information Overload

Fire can keep you warm during cold periods or fire can cook you a delicious meal. At the same time, fire can destroy houses too.

Likewise, at some point in time, as a new blogger, you will face information overload. While lots of information are easily available and often for free, the downside of it is that too much information will confuse and distract you.

Learn to manage information like the fire.

How do you like the following tip...

Open a new email account. Sign up for freebies using this account. Create a new bookmark in your browser. Book mark all blogs, websites that you want to learn into this bookmark. Whenever you are free, open the email or browser bookmark. You will soon realize that there are so many and a sense of overwhelm creeps in. The result is that it is no longer exciting.

Sure, you may open some of the freebies but now you will not open every single one of them and it becomes more selective. You become more in control.

Skill #3:More Ego=Less Money

It is very satisfying to see for yourself the progress of your blog creation. You get comments from readers and you see the ranking improving daily. You start to beautify your blog with fanciful graphics, add more vibrant colors and change themes to look from looking good to looking great.
Readership increases but where is the money? You have to realize that you are in the profit-making business, not ego-building business.

Learn how to monetize your blog and kill your ego! What? Kill my ego? Ok, we are human beings and we need ego to survive and to motivate us.Then at least learn to deflate your ego(temporarily).

Let's look at a tip or metaphor to help you deflate your ego.Take a balloon. Stuff it with little pieces of golden paper. The golden paper represents money.Now blow the balloon to a reasonable size. Hold the balloon above your head. Then take a needle and poke at the balloon. As you poke at it, shout out " Less ego means more money!" Feel the golden flakes falling all over your body. Cool, huh? And then when you have made good money you can inflate back your ego by buying nice sports car or luxurious houses.

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