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Tips From a Full-Time Blogger!!!!

Tips for beginner Bloggers: Just a starting point for beginner bloggers. I will expand on this in time and also write more in depth stuff later.

Write about what you know -

Do not start a blog about a certain topic just because you think it will make money. Start a site/blog on a topic you know and fully understand or are passionate about. If you can learn to monetize that then you can think about blogging for pure profit. To many rookie bloggers make the mistake of wanting to cash in big on their first project. Don't get trapped in this mindset, the vast majority of full time bloggers DID NOT make it on their first three sites. Just because you didn't make a fortune on your first couple sites makes absolutely no difference on your future success.

Self Confidence -

Guess what? When you start a site on something you know and love your opinion has just as much merit as the next guys. Do not be afraid to stick your neck out there. Let people know your opinions without out fear of being proven wrong later. This doesn't mean misrepresent facts. This means that when it comes to your opinion make sure you give YOUR opinion. Who cares if someone disagrees, or you are proven wrong later. In-fact, the more outrageous your opinions the more your blog will attract hits. It's your site, if they don't like it so what - at the end of the day it's only the internet for pete's sake.

Attract Traffic Through Linking -

Here's a novel approach. The more you link to others the more they will link to you. That's it, the secret is out. Not only is it polite to cite your sources your readers will appreciate it and so will other webmasters. You don't have to break the story to reap the rewards of the traffic. I know several rookie bloggers that will cite no one and link out nowhere. They are doomed to failure. This stupid attitude of not wanting to give anyone else credit for anything WILL NOT WORK in the blogosphere.

Make Friends -

Make friends both online and off. This may be harder for you shut-in world of warcraft types but social networking is the corner stone of blogging. Go to trade shows if they are in your area. My city actually has a group of bloggers that meet weekly. This is paramount to your future success. Other webmasters will WANT to do business with you more when they have meet you face to face. These are the contacts you are going to need down the road. Take my word if and when one of your sites ever makes it huge - YOU WILL need them.

Make your site look Professional -

To many people are giving away bad information. Back on the late 90's a lot people used to say that if you had good content you didn't need good design. Not sure if that was ever true then but it is definitely not true now. If you suck at graphics and design (like I do) then get a freeware template or ask a buddy to design something for you. If your site does not have a professional appearance people will not take it seriously. The more appealing your blog is on the eyes the more people will stick around. This is a proven fact. This means good navigation and clearly defined and accessible links. It still baffles me why top companies and corporations pay very little mind to this. I have been browsing numerous sites and when I went to purchase their product or service I could not find the payment link! If anyone could not find a payment link on an e-commerce site the webmaster should be fired that instant.

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