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World's No.1 Blogger Method To Get Traffic!!!!

To be "World's No.1 Blogger", I have found a secret how bloggers actually get traffic, here are some valuable tips I have gathered through my own experience.

Be Open To Joint Ventures

It is sad there are many people who are quite self centered and not willing to share and be more open. In order for you really be successful and build a world class blog you need to be open to joint ventures and share your ideas with people.

If you are not open to sharing at the first place and worst you are not approachable no one would want to partner with you which is a very bad thing. If you are afraid people may steal your ideas, well internet has grown so fast and rapid basically anything you can thought of there will be people already have ideas much better then yours, you just need to search them.

What Are Joint Ventures?

Well basically it is a mature tie up between two parties working together with a common goal to benefit on a single task. To start joint ventures with people you would need to start asking people for partnership who are related in the same trade.

There are various ways you can create a joint venture people. Here are some great examples you can do a Joint Venture with some one

- Do a review about him on your blog

- Promote his affiliate product

- Link exchange

- Interview him about his experience

- Joint venture projects

Warning when you are doing joint ventures, what ever you promise to fulfill for that person you make sure you really go do it with a dateline in mind. Just one false move from yourself will cost a bad relationship with the person you would want to joint venture with which will break the trust bond you have with that person.

Types Of People You Want To Joint Venture With

- People who are humble and willing to share

- Related trades

- High creditability in a field of expertise that you are interested to tap to

- High database of customers

- Capability to market you

However, there also problems when you try to joint venture with people. Here are my list of problems you may encounter when you try to Joint Venture.

- The person you Joint Venture is too proud of himself he does not want to partner with you

- The person may not trust your creditability

- The person maybe too successful to actually want to partner with you

- There is nothing in it for them to partner with you

- You got condemn from a group of people he is related too

One big important factor when you joint venture with people you must always think "what is it in for him" not you. Most people only do joint ventures with you when they see that they will benefit from you, will them ever joint venture with you.

The best way you can get a great joint venture is you give first, don’t ask for anything in return. As givers will always get something back.

There are a few examples you can get back from a successful joint venture

- A high Page Rank link to your website

- Tons of traffic from the link recommended

- Email blast to a huge database about your products

- Get a win-win solution where both side can earn

- A virtual partner to work your business (also known as affiliates).

- Free publicity for you

- Will help to position you as an expert in an area

- Turn your competitors to partners

With so much benefit it is a no brainier that joint venture is very important skill you must master to be successful blogger.

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