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Using MySpace to Drive Traffic to Your Web Site!!!

Utilizing MySpace for web traffic can be a good source of free web traffic. Once set it can be a consistent traffic generator. Considering, the heaviest investment of time will be in the beginning, developing a MySpace strategy is cost effective. If one has more time than money to pursue traffic for their web site, then this is another good, free tool.

Creating An Account

Opening an account in MySpace is quite easy. Be aware that MySpace is designed for individuals and will ask sex, age, and social availability (single, looking, etc.). Presumably, this account will be used to direct traffic to a web site, so deciding how to answer these questions before hand is important. Many will put single and max age for answers. Sex is up to the account registrant, depending on the nature of the site. If the site is masculine, choose male; if the site is feminine choose female.

Keep The Profile Simple

Once registered, spend the time to write compelling copy. Do not write why a direct pitch why people should visit the web site, but write about the topic of the web site. There will be an opportunity to put a link to your web site in the profile and other opportunities to remind people to visit the site.

The blog is a good place to write some info about the topic of the web site and establish expertise on topic. Also, the MySpace blog could be utilized to write news, if the web site does not have that functionality.

Remember, the MySpace profile is a professional (commercial) endeavor. Do not be tempted to "pimp" the profile with background pictures, cute layouts, music or layout codes. Use the standard functionality to its max to develop the profile. This will keep the layout lean and fast loading.

Getting Friends

Highly recommended is using a third party tool like Friend Blaster Pro. Friend Blaster Pro will allow one to collect prospective friends from profiles and request a friend add. How many friends depend on two factors. One, Friend Blaster Pro allows fifty daily friend requests or fifty daily comments with its free option. Two, it will allow up to 350 friend requests or comments with the paid option. The 350 limits is the MySpace daily (24 hour) limit.

Set a goal for how many friends to acquire. That goal should be a factor of how many comments one plans to leave in a set period of time. That is if one would like to leave a comment with each friend each week, and they are using the free version of Friend Blaster Pro, then the equation is fifty comments a day multiplied by seven days equals 350 friends. Then the goal should be to acquire 350 friends as quickly as possible. Or utilizing the paid version of Friend Blaster Pro, leaving one comm


The value of having a lot of friends is being able to comment on their profile. Each time you comment, they will be notified of the comment. Keeping the web site in front of these MySpace friends.

Earlier, I recommended keeping the profile low key. It is in the comments section that graphics, which stand out, should be used. One can use text alone in the comment section, but graphics stand out. Besides graphics and text could be utilized together. The best use of both is to use a stock graphic and the text to personalize the comment.

Do not use an advertisement in a comment. Rather use a graphic to maybe highlight a monthly holiday (Valentines, St. Patrick's, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc.) but place the web site somewhere small on the graphic. Keep the comments graphic relatively small, no larger than 250x250 pixels

Get and keep a routine

The key to getting traffic through MySpace to the desired web site is developing a routine. Using third party software to drop a comment graphics on each friend every month may only take fifteen minutes a day. But because of the 350 MySpace limit, those drops must be done consistently. Consistency also keeps the web in front of prospective sit

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