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Tips of Choosing SEO Friendly Domain name

A domain name is a regular occurrence in the online world. Most companies have domain names. But choosing a domain name that is SEO friendly is a vital key to success and growth. Integrating keywords into a domain name is a boost to getting high page ranking from online search engines. As we know, keywords represent the core of a successful business. Domain names that are SEO friendly do well to attract your audience. It increases online conversion and it paves way for multiple revenue streams for online business enterprises.
I have outlined a few simple steps. You should follow them if you want you domain to be SEO friendly.
Always insert keyword into the domain name: keywords are vital elements of a successful domain name. They play an active role in making the search engine optimization process work smother and at a faster click through rate (CTR). A domain that is keyword-rich can rightly be called a sign post. This builds a strong and healthy website-niche relationship. If the URL of a domain name contains a lot of keywords, search engines will be able to index that domain at a faster rate; thus making the domain theme uniform.
Insertion of inbound links that are SEO friendly: I highly recommend the use of links in your website. Links play an invaluable role in search engine optimization. Once again, a domain that is keyword-rich leads to friendly inbound links that are SEO friendly. This is made possible because many web-citizens are trying to view your website. They can only connect to your website if they have your domain name. And if your website lacks SEO friendly inbound links, online search engines will conclude that your website is irrelevant and devoid of useful information. Using poor inbound links inhibits the growth of search engine optimization in your website. So it is a good idea to make sure you use quality links. The rule: stay away from “black hat SEO.”
Choose a top level domain (TLD) name: top level domain name are the kingpins of internet business. What is a top level domain name? Consider the dot com (.com). It is known to be the most popular domain extension. So make it a point of duty that your domain name ends with a dot com. This enables user recall it faster. Yes, there are a lot of successful websites with other domain extension, but the dot com extension is just the most preferred choice for web-citizens across the world.
Use domain names that are easy to remember: Your domain name should be short and easy to remember. This will enable users recall it faster, thereby increasing traffic to your website. You will also notice an increase in online conversion and sales for your business. Refrain from using domain names that are tricky or too hard to pronounce; it works again business success.
Avoid using hyphen in your domain names: It’s highly recommended that you avoid using domain names that contain hyphens. It leads to complications and most users tend to forget the exact position of the hyphen. This is very detrimental to your online success because a large number of traffic would be driven to other websites bearing a similar name, but without the hyphens.
Type-in traffic attraction: Most users are known for typing keywords directly into the address bar on their web browser, while still adding the dot come extension. Therefore, I advise you to choose a domain name that contains the specific keyword that matches your business. It increases the chances of getting lots of online visitors.
Choose a reliable web host: A good domain name works hand in hand with a good web host. Web hosts offer domain name registration and there are many of them in the market. We have the likes of Lime Domains, Network Solutions, HostGator and etcetera. These webhosts allow you to check if your choice domain name is available or is already in use. If the chosen name is available, you will see a suggested list of domain extensions you can use e.g..com, .org, .info, .net and etcetera. It is up to make to choose which one suits you, but I recommend the .com extension.
Once you have made up your mind, and have gotten a registered domain name from the web host, the domain is activated and goes live. It can be viewed by users across the globe. Search engines do not consideration the length of a domain name subscription. So I recommended you subscribe for the longest period available.
I believe you are now ready to choose a domain name that is SEO friendly for your online business today.

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